Looking for a brief primer on The Social Scene? You've come to the right place.

TSS Home Screen
Home The Home Screen is the screen users are brought to upon opening The Social Scene. From here users are able to view upcoming events based of their preselected interests, and drill into these events to see who of their friends are attending, purchase tickets to events, invite their friends, and let their friends know they are attending the event.
Messages The Messages is the screen where users are able to view messages from their friends, invitations to events, and see venues that they follow.
Events The Events screen shows users what events they have been invited to, which events they are attending, suggests new events for users to attend, and shows a history of which events they have attended in the past.
Search The Search screen gives users the ability to search for different events happening near them, different sports teams, find places to visit like clubs or museums, discover new restaurants, and even search for other users on The Social Scene.
Leaderboard The Leaderboard displays the users who have accumulated the most points amongst their friends, in their region, state, and country. Points are earned by inviting friends to events, accepting invitations to events, and purchasing tickets to events. People with the most points after each month win prizes.
Profile The Profile screen is where users are able to customize their experience within The Social Scene by adding their personal information, inviting friends to The Social Scene, adding interests like what sports they follow or music they listen to, and following their favorite sports teams and performing artists.